Florinta perfumes for Women

If you think choosing a perfume is easy, then you are wrong! Every character has its scent to express. According to Coco Chanel, “Women without perfume is a woman without a future.”

Which means that perfume is one of the essentials that you Irreplaceable it?

Women’s perfume is a kind of personal impression that defines your identity … There is no doubt that choosing a perfume reveals a lot about the character.

What advice does Florinta offer to choose distinctive women’s perfumes?

  1. Don’t satisfy by only experiment the perfume on blotting paper in the store, but you can get a sample of perfume in a small bottle of two or more types and experiment with a variety of scents by its degree of stability over the day, thus making sure that you choose the suitable perfume for you.
    1. Testing a perfume that contains a high percentage of perfume oil that smells for as long as possible You can buy perfume of the type Eau De Parfums, because the percentage of its base of essential oils reaches 20% unlike the type of perfume Eau De Toilettes, which contains a lower percentage of essential oils that reach between 5 to 10% only.
Florinta women's perfume Jeddah
Florinta women’s perfume

 “Perfume can have a positive, effective and powerful effect on mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase self-confidence, and cognitive performance,” says Teresa Molnar, a perfume researcher.

We have a wide range of Florinta perfumes for women that suit everyone:

Narciso Rodriguez Rose Musk Eau de Parfum 100ml: This exciting perfume belongs to a floral-woody-musk family. The perfume was released in 2016. The perfume is composed of Moroccan rose, cinnamon, carnation, peony, musk, black pepper, saffron, woods, patchouli and cistus.

narciso rose
Rose Musk by Narciso Rodriguez.

:Angel Mugler Nuranium tip for who wants to try this perfume, don’t smell it immediately after spraying it. Wait a little bit and then enjoy this powerful perfume, which is considered as one of the bestselling perfumes in the world for a long of 10 years.

angel perfume
Angel Mugler “Women’s Perfume”

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