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We wait for the special occasions or feasts to exploit the opportunity and give a warm gift, thanks, or gratitude to those who we love. As Eid Al-Fitr approaches, It’s a must to think about the ideal gift that will cheer up the hearts of our loved ones. “Florinta Gifts” provide you with a full guide of gifts such as perfumes, chocolate and roses, to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one.


I love You , Red Roses
I love you, a bouquet of red flowers

Roses are often a symbol of life.. The gift of roses is like watering.. water the soul, this reason is enough to make it the most convenient gift for all feasts and occasions.. What’s important that Florinta helps you in easing the way of giving gift and choosing the best gift for anyone. By offering the suitable bouquet for him, whether he is a lover or a friend, and deliver it to him.


 شوكولا فلورينتا  Godiva Small Heart
Godiva Small Heart

A collection of luxurious chocolate boxes, which distinguished by small hearts that express love, that can be used on the feast of Eid Al Fitr. This beautiful heart-shaped box of delicious Godiva chocolate will melt into the heart. This gift will not only show your flawless taste, but it will also eloquently conveys your feelings with irresistible chocolate



Gifting one of your loved ones a perfume is a very personal gift. Actually, maybe most people’s first perfume is of choice one of their loved ones. Perfumes as a gift express the extent of your love and admitting someone’s personality and what they love. You telling him something about what he’s meaning to you, so he becomes more privately and more profound. The big differences between the types of perfumes may put you at a loss when you decide to buy a perfume bottle as a personal gift for the feast. Florinta gifts will help you with the best choices : (Examples of perfumes that are available)

"Cartier Declaration"
“Cartier Declaration”

Florinta Gifts is Most Beautiful in Jeddah

For many years, we all know that Eidiyah is money whose value varies, but it’s still effect on the soul that makes each of us taste the different taste for Eid joy, whether it is Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha.. With Florinta you will find more than what you can imagine .. Contact us today and we will help you in the optimum selection with an affordable prices.