Saudi National Day … a glory to commemorate every year

Hejaz, Najd and its extensions was the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before September 23, 1932 AD or 17 Jumada al-Awwal in 1351 AH, when King Abdulaziz unified it by the Royal Decree No. 2716 and made it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its borders that we know today. In 2005, King…

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Florinta Special Gifts for Eid Al-Fitr

Florinta Gifts

Florinta Gifts in Jeddah We wait for the special occasions or feasts to exploit the opportunity and give a warm gift, thanks, or gratitude to those who we love. As Eid Al-Fitr approaches, It’s a must to think about the ideal gift that will cheer up the hearts of our loved ones. “Florinta Gifts” provide…

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Florinta Tips to Choose The Perfect Perfume For Every Lady

Florinta perfumes for Women If you think choosing a perfume is easy, then you are wrong! Every character has its scent to express. According to Coco Chanel, “Women without perfume is a woman without a future.” Which means that perfume is one of the essentials that you Irreplaceable it? Women’s perfume is a kind of…

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Mother’s Day Flower with Spring

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day :celebrates motherhood and the contribution of mothers in society The holiday is celebrated worldwide as an international day. The International It is often marked by people sending Mother gifts and flower to their mother.The traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers. Which is the Best Flower Bouquets to Send Mom in…

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الورد… غيرة أم حب!

Blog flower

الورد رموز ودلالات.. وجمال لا يضاهى تعتبر الورود من أجمل النباتات التي تعبر عن أجمل المشاعر الإنسانية، كما هي مفضلة عند الإهداء وذلك لجمال ألوانها وتنوع أشكالها ورقتها، وهي من أكثر الهدايا التي يفضلنها النساء لذا يمكن تسميتها بصديقة المرأة، وتقدم الورود عادةً كدلالة على الرومانسية والمشاعر النقية، تفيد العديد من الدراسات بأن النظر إلى…

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How to choose the best arrangement for your occasion?

Choose an arrangement for you occasion?

We usually get confused during a selection of a flower arrangement, and don’t know how to choose an arrangement for you occasion especially as we find different kind & colors of flowers and don’t know which of them suits our occasion, we may found all the flowers beautiful, bright and harmonious.?But what are the criteria…

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